You Found Your Niche. What’s Next?

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Finding your hyper-focused niche is only work half done.

Next, you need to get your voice out to your target audience and build a network of influencers and experts in your niche!

To help you do just that, Matt Halloran speaks with Lacey Langford, AFC®, the founder of The Military Money Expert® and the host of the Military Money Show. Lacey reveals the strategies she uses to tap into her niche, the military community, and how she has accelerated her influence through podcasting, conferences, blogs, and more.

Lacey discusses:

  • What it means to have “zinging moments” with clients
  • Why she calls podcasting her biggest marketing arm
  • How few listeners can also have a major impact on your business
  • How to build a community that attracts COIs, fellow experts, and prospects



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