Top Podcasting Takeaways From Queer Money Podcast

1 min readJul 18


David Auten and John Auten-Schneider started Queer Money Podcast almost 10 years ago to fill a need.

No one was talking to the queer community about finances.

In this episode, our guests David and John reveal what they’ve learned from publishing over 400+ episodes of what’s become the “#1 gay podcast for our financial needs,” ranked by Charitable in the top 400 business podcasts in North America. They share proven advice on how to keep creating content your niche actually wants, what it looks like to podcast with a deep sense of purpose and two major things they’d do differently if they were starting their podcast today.

David and John discuss:

  • What inspired them to start the Queer Money Podcast
  • How they stay tuned into what topics their audience wants to hear about
  • Why they made a conscious decision to serve LGBTQ+ people
  • How to encourage more listeners to tune in to your new podcast from the get-go