Top 5 Concerns That Stop Advisors From Podcasting — And How to Solve Them!

1 min readFeb 20, 2024


Struggling to get your podcast off the ground? We get it!

In this episode of the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, Matt Halloran and ProudMouth CEO Kirk Lowe break down the 5 biggest concerns that stop advisors from hitting record — like figuring out a name, getting listeners, and avoiding podfade.

Want solutions to take action? They’ve got tips on planning, video strategy, and even how to be a guest on other podcasts. Plus, get a sneak peek at something new (coming soon!) to make podcasting way easier.

So, how can you overcome the common obstacles that prevent you from starting and maintaining a successful podcast? You start with this episode!

Kirk and Matt discuss:

  • What is podfade?
  • The top 5 concerns that stop advisors from starting a podcast (you’ll have to listen if you want to know what they are!)
  • How to quickly and easily identify your first 12 topics
  • How to leverage AI in getting started
  • Three quick tips for attracting listeners