Proven Marketing Strategies for Today’s Growth-Minded Advisors

Jan 23, 2024

Feeling frustrated that your marketing isn’t working?

Matt Halloran is joined by Diana Cabrices — marketing expert, brand evangelist, and founder of Diana Cabrices Consulting — to share insights on effective marketing strategies for today’s financial advisors. She encourages advisors to stop wasting time with outdated tactics that don’t attract the right audience. Instead, learn the active and passive strategies that build trust, boost your brand, and fill your calendar with qualified leads.

Just 30 minutes of listening to this episode can change your business!

Diana and Matt discuss:

  • Marketing frustrations and how to fix them
  • Active vs. passive marketing, and why you need both
  • The lowdown on seminars in the post-COVID world
  • Why testimonials are so compelling, and how to keep them compliant
  • How to properly outsource your marketing
  • What is a brand evangelist, and where to find them