How Andrew Hatherley Leveraged the PodRocket Academy to Build COI Relationships

1 min readNov 14, 2023

ProudMouth’s PodRocket Influence Academy is a phenomenal resource.

It’s one thing to hear us say that, but something entirely different to learn how an advisor made it work for them out in the real world.

In this episode, host Matt Halloran is joined by Andrew Hatherley. He’s the founder of Wiser Divorce Solutions and Transcend Retirement, a CDFA®, and a CRPC, in addition to being the host of the popular The Gray Divorce Podcast, which celebrates its first anniversary this month (Congrats! 🥂).

And he credits the Academy as instrumental in making it happen.

Andrew discusses:

  • How podcasting makes you a better communicator and advisor
  • Why the PodRocket Influence Academy appealed to him more than using Google and finding his own resources
  • How he went through the Academy resources in a very methodical and deliberate way, teaching himself one thing at a time
  • The unexpected benefits of hosting his own show
  • How he generates topic ideas
  • Why a podcast is more a relationship platform than a content delivery system
  • The advantages of podcasting over other platforms and channels