Death by Referrals, Part 2

1 min readSep 12, 2023


File it under “Too much of a good thing.” Referrals? Good. Fantastic, in fact. In theory.

Organic growth by word-of-mouth is the goal. It’s virtually hands-free, affordable, and works for businesses small, medium, and large. It’s the great equalizer. But before you get to the point of having a nearly self-perpetuating system, you need to lay the foundation, build the system, and cultivate the appropriate environment. And that is no quick fix.

Without doing the legwork, you’re faced with two grim realities: Getting few referrals, or getting non-ideal referrals that you waste time, energy, and money chasing down.

In this episode, business partners Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe tackle part two of “death by referrals,” walking you through the why, what, and how of crafting a referral machine that consistently delivers quality results. And don’t forget to check out Part 1 if you haven’t already. Death to death by referrals!

Matt & Kirk discuss:

  • The importance of environment, developing your referral process, and how to execute that process for maximum Return on Influence
  • How too many skeptics and too few fans in your pipeline can lead to a slow and painful “death by referrals”
  • Why your mindset should be 3, 5, or 10 years, and not 90 or even 180 days
  • The relationship between Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence and the environment
  • Making it explicit to your clients why, how, and who they should refer to you