Cybersecurity for Advisors: How To Protect Your Reputation and Client Trust

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Do you keep sidelining cybersecurity in your practice?

If your firm were to experience a data breach, your clients would lose trust. If an SEC or FINRA auditor were to recognize poor cybersecurity practices, you’d probably have to pay a hefty fine.

To help you be proactive, Matt Halloran is talking to Sid Yenamandra, founder and CEO at Entreda — the #1 provider of cybersecurity risk and compliance software for wealth managers (acquired by Smarsh). Join them to learn about cybersecurity solutions for wealth management that will help you protect your reputation and client trust.

Sid discusses:

  • The three biggest cybersecurity threats in financial services
  • The importance of cybersecurity in SEC and FINRA audits
  • How to build a solid cybersecurity framework, even as independent advisors
  • What’s next for cybersecurity (cyber insurance, new regulations, etc.)



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