Buyer Beware: 3 Ways Lead-Gen Companies Are Falling Short, and What To Do Instead

1 min readAug 15, 2023

Lead-gen companies offer a quick and easy product, but are you really getting what you think you’re buying? Does it check all the boxes if you look a little closer?

Their “easy-button” solution is tempting, but you’re paying for their system and their audience, when you should be building your own.

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by ProudMouth co-founder and business partner, Kirk Lowe, to discuss the illusion of diligence that most lead-gen companies are selling. They walk you through a better system for laying a strong foundation, finding your fans, and building marketing equity for your business that continues to grow year after year.

Matt & Kirk discuss:

  • Why you never actually own the audience that lead-gen companies provide you, and why it’s crucial that you do
  • How leveraging other people’s content may get you attention, but rarely if ever engagement with the right people
  • The importance of building marketing equity with your own original content, and how to best do that
  • Why objective measurements and metrics are nice, but it’s the unquantifiable aspects that set us apart
  • How momentum and equity should define your marketing goals