Appreciating the Art of Advisor Branding To Stand Out

1 min readNov 7, 2023

What’s your strong suit?

As a financial advisor, you’re juggling more hats than a circus performer — marketing, client relationships, and, of course, your core expertise. But here’s the catch: if you’re trying to handle branding all by yourself, you might be missing out on a difference-maker.

Why blend in when you could stand out?

In this episode, our own Matt Halloran is joined by Kelly Waltrich — co-founder and CEO of — to unravel the essential role branding plays in the financial services world. Tune in and discover how teamwork, learning, and masterful branding done right can transform your advisory game.

Matt and Kelly discuss:

  • How great advisors are not necessarily great marketers, and why you need to find someone who is an expert
  • The importance of pushing your colleagues — and they, you — to constantly learn new things
  • Why integration in marketing trumps budget or size of firm
  • How coordinated activity is better than massive but disconnected amounts, and the value of asking yourself, “what is helping me get to my goals and the goals of my clients, and what is just noise?”
  • Why branding needs to resonate internally before you share it externally
  •’s new Advisor Brand Builder tool, and how firms are using it for recruiting and onboarding, amongst other things
  • How to ask the right — aka second and third-level — questions when developing your own brand